Charming Home 2013 Decorating Ideas : House Tours from BHG

Together, these young homeowners remodeled or updated every room in their first home, trying new things and learning a lot along the way.

Clear Reflection
The mirror in the dining room a mirrored closet door placed in a doorframe scored at a yard sale  isn't the only thing that reflects the homeowners' DIY style. The curtains are fashioned from drop cloths hot glued together.

A Motto to Live By
The homeowners' home redesign became a do it yourself course that launched them into their dream of doing what they love.

Out of the Box Storage
Thin gauge wire strung between upholstery tacks across the fireplace creates a place for the homeowners' blueprints and furniture designs, as well as rolls of wallpaper and gift wrap.

Do What You Love
The DIY artwork on the mantel describes the couple's philosophy. To create a similar piece of your own, decoupage tissue paper and fabric onto foam-core board, then cut out and affix letters cut from magazine pages.

Cooking Up Style
In the kitchen, mismatched cabinet knobs and pulls (purchased secondhand for less than $10) add a fresh element to store bought cabinets. Poured in place concrete countertops and an island made from a refurbished farmhouse table add to the DIY appeal. When the homeowner didn't love the fresh paint on the table legs, she added a coat of stain to dull the color and dial up the charm.

Pops of Color
To create an interesting media center, the homeowners painted geometric patterns onto two pieces of foam core board and mounted them on the wall behind the TV. They created the media console using drawers gathered from flea markets. Once they had an arrangement they liked, they built a plywood box to house them and had a metal base fabricated at a local shop. The mirror on the console flips up to reveal the DVD player.

Not Your Average Shelf
Douglas fir boards and steel cable combine for a modern appeal in this shelving unit designed and built by the homeowners.

Cozy Color Palette
In the master bedroom, the homeowners keep projects  headboard, wall art, dresser embellishments  within a tight color palette to keep things cohesive.

Sweet Dreams
The couple revamped their sleigh bed by adding lush upholstery.

Let the Light Shine In
An upholstered cornice board above the door hides curtain hardware. The nature inspired wall art compliments the unfinished tabletop.

Make It Your Own
The homeowners added a sparkly gold border on the wall around the mirror. They used painter's tape to mask off a frame, then painted the first coat of the frame the same color as the wall to prevent the gold layers from bleeding under the tape. When the first coat was dry, they applied gold paint, then removed the tape. The dog silhouette artwork (homage to the homeowners' pooches) and the oversize flowers painted on the dresser are also DIY stencil projects.

Found Work Space
The homeowners reworked an old kitchen cabinet then placed it between two lockers to fashion a quiet place to work in a spare room.

Tidy Bathroom
Some of the homeowners' favorite projects in the house are in the guest bathroom, where they used sleek and modern materials. They poured a concrete countertop for the vintage vanity and backed the shelving units with roof flashing.

Rustic Bedroom
In the guest room, the couple paneled one wall with old fence pickets gifted from a friend. They painted some pickets white to add contrast. The headboard is made from corrugated tin roofing. The homeowners cut out the shape with a jigsaw and then used a grinder to smooth rough edges before screwing it to the wall.

Outdoor Living
The homeowners created a vertical garden by stacking and screwing together old pallets and free fence pickets. The flowering garden adds color and privacy to their patio.


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