Furniture Projects 2013 Decorating Ideas

Build your own furniture from scratch or remake an old piece with these furniture project ideas.

Furniture Project: Ombre Desk
Give a desk or dresser an ombre effect. Pick a paint strip in a color you love and buy a can of paint for each drawer or "tier" of drawers. Use the lightest color on the strip for the top, the next darkest color (or colors, depending on how many drawers you have) for the middle section, and use the darkest color for the bottom drawer. Make sure to use colors in the order that they are displayed on the strip so you get a natural progression of color.

Skip the basic bookcase and construct your own. Build a series of boxes in different sizes, stack, and attach.

Create a coffee table from two retired kitchen cabinets. Place the cabinets side by side, screw together, and paint white. Cut a piece of medium density fiberboard (MDF) to fit on top of the cabinets. Paint and coat the piece in polyurethane, then attach to the top of the cabinets. For the base, cut the number of MDF sheets to size and stack depending on the desired height for the table. Glue the sheets together. Face the base with veneer and screw to the bottom of the cabinet.

Furniture Project: Revive a Wicker Chair
Paint a wicker chair to give it a fresh update and to bring it up to speed with the rest of your decor. Use a liquid deglosser before painting for best results.

Furniture Project: Retrofit a Table
Even a dilapidated table can be revived with a bit of creativity and ingenuity. Shop for a table that is past its prime (this one was missing a leaf). You'll also need a 2x2 inch board, wood screws, a table saw, and a drill. Take all of the hardware beneath the table off (sliding mechanisms, etc.) Cut the table in half lengthwise with the saw. Cut the board to 1 inch less than the width of the table. Attach the board with screws to wall studs at a height flush with the underside of the table. Fasten the table to the board from underneath with wood screws.

Furniture Project: Trim a Chair
Return a traditional, yet tired chair to its former glory with nailhead trim and a bright fabric. Paint the chair. Cut an oval of fabric to fit the back. Staple into place and trim the excess. Hot glue flat white trim around the edge to hide the staples. Cover the seat in a similar method. Finish the back and seat with nailhead trim from a bolt (available at fabric stores), which comes in a ribbon and is easier and quicker to work with than individual nailheads.

Furniture Project: Build a Storage Ottoman
Add both a table and extra storage to your living room or family room with an ottoman constructed from MDF.

Furniture Project: Pretty Desk Chair
Pull up a playful perch next to your desk with this easy chair makeover. This once dull chair was pepped up with a fresh coat of paint (see final slide: how to spray paint a chair) and a seat cover fashioned from a pillow cover. To upholster the seat, remove the seat and wrap both thicknesses of the cover around the seat and staple to the back. Be sure to center the motif and pull the fabric tight as you staple. Trim the excess fabric and screw the seat into the frame.

Another purpose for old or unfinished cabinets: a window seat with the look of a built in. Build this project in an entry or living room for extra seating and storage.

Furniture Project: Utilty Table Made Beautiful
On first glance, you wouldn't know that this was a utilitarian table, commonly seen in schools.

This buffet doesn't take up much space, but it packs plenty of function as a place to serve drinks or snacks.


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