2013 Girls' Room Curtains Design Ideas

To chose the best girls' room curtains, a great way to start is by thinking about what you need in the space. For instance, if the child's room gets a lot of natural light, you may want to look for curtains with a light-blocking lining. Also consider the hardware you'll require for the styles of girls' room curtains you're considering. You may want to choose a curtain rod set that can be used for different curtain patterns over the years. If your child is old enough, you could narrow down some available styles and colors before asking her which she likes best.

 If you've established a theme in a girls' room, it's best to continue that in curtains. For instance, in a princess themed space, animal motif curtains are likely to appear mismatched. Another consideration is the amount of detailed pattern already in the room. Picking up the details, whether these are flowers or other motifs, by including them in the curtains can tie in all of the decor and furnishings nicely. Alternatively, if you prefer a look that is colorful without being too "busy," you could select a solid color of curtains that will still coordinate with everything.

 When choosing girls' room curtains where you haven't already established a theme or color scheme, starting with the window covering selection can be inspiring. By looking at different colors and patterns of girls' room curtains, you may find one that will help establish the theme as well as the hues of the whole space. If you find several different curtains that are in stock and in your price range, letting your daughter have the final pick can be a great idea.

If budget is a strong consideration when choosing curtains, many department store and other shop-at-home websites allow you to list products by price. This way, you may be more likely to see something in a lower price range that will make the best girls' room curtains for your home. When choosing lower cost curtains, it's important to consider the quality and maintenance. If the window coverings are going to fade or start falling apart after only a few washings, or they're dry clean only, you aren't likely to actually save money by choosing the cheapest curtains.

Written By: Sheri Cyprus


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