2013 Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas from BHG

Your living room is one of the common parts of the house where family members love to hang out. This is where the television and component system usually found. When you have visitors, your living room serves as the place for conversation and entertainment. Since you are now in today’s modern generation, this is the perfect time to change the looks of your living room. Transform it from ordinary to extra ordinary by applying modern designs.
Give the whole area more open space and cleaned lined furnishings. Remove all small details like bunches of figurines, borders, or edges. If you want your books to be stored, see to it that you will spare a storage that is close to keep all of them.
The most important furniture that you should have in your living room is the sofa or couch. Choose clean and clear, and subdued colors like white, black, gray, or silver. You can add pillows to enhance its beauty. But try to make sure that everything will appear simple.
As much as you want to have a cluttered free modern living room, having storages is the best to way to have it. It is much better to have built in bookshelves or dividers. Just see to it that you have arranged the books properly. Adding sleek modern vases will give your free standing bookshelves a twist. If you have big windows, try adding low benches which have hinged seat where you can placed your other books and magazines.


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