2013 Modern Living Room Sofas Furniture Design

One of the most essential pieces of furniture found in all homes is sofas. This piece of furniture adds a lot of color to a room and brings the comforting feeling for the family members as well as the guests. Lounging around becomes a pleasant experience and guests can be seated comfortably. However, in order to enjoy the innumerable benefits of the sofa, you have to choose the right sofa for your room. There is a wide variety of sofas available in the market, and there are several factors that should be considered before you make the final selection.

Available space : Walk around the room and see how much and which space is available to hold the sofa. Get a measuring tape and measure the area available. Take into account enough legroom so that people can sit comfortably and also a decent size walkway so that people can walk conveniently.

Size :  Think about the size of your sofa in relation to the size of the room. If you have a large room, then placing a big size will definitely look awkward and shall also make the room appear smaller. For small rooms, a love seat, a couch or a small two seater or elegant plush chairs are a better selection than a single large size couch. Also, it is better to purchase a sofa with open legs as they create the illusion of open and free space.

Function : Think about the function or purpose behind your decision of purchasing a sofa. Would you use it only for seating the guests? Or you plan to lounge and sleep on it when you have friends and siblings visiting you? Do you want the sofa to offer you a storage space? If, you want to use it for sleeping purposes, then invest in a sofa that features a pull-out bed and for storage function, select a sofa that offers storage space below the cushion seats.

Wear and tear : Consider the wear and tear the sofa will be a subject to. If you have small children at home who love snacking on the sofa, then do not purchase a leather sofa and instead invest in a sturdy sofa made out of easy to maintain, tough, durable and weather proof fabric or material.

.Here are some new sofas designs , I hope it will help you to get some ideas to choose the right sofa  for you


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