2013 Summer Living Room Decorating Ideas from BHG

Colorful decor and easy projects give this living room a showstopping summer look.

All it took to give this room a summer makeover was a few splashes of color and creative furniture rearranging.A new yellow and seafoam green color scheme brightens walls and accessories using clever and affordable tricks.
Sectional seating is nothing if not flexible. Simply reconfiguring the pieces creates an entirely new look. Summer is full of visitors, so foster conversation by turning two sections to face each other. Add a table where guests can place drinks and snacks.
Carpet tiles are a fun and practical alternative to an area rug. Different colors or motifs can be arranged and rearranged in creative designs. This cream and seafoam green checkered pattern adds a dose of color to the floor. Applying a new color scheme to a neutral room can be overwhelming. To make the process easier, find one inspirational piece to guide your redesign.
For this living room's summer look, a graphic green and white tablecloth served as the jumping-off point. Thanks to curtain clips, tablecloths became the room's curtain panels.


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