Easy Home Decorating Projects 2013 Ideas

Want to give your home a mini makeover in a weekend? Check out these simple decorating projects for inspiration.

Give one wall in a room a dose of pattern with a stencil. It's less time-consuming than stenciling a whole room and you'll need less paint. For a subtle contrast, use a color for the pattern that is just a few shades lighter than the background.

Rescue thrift store frames with white paint and punchy paper. Paint the frames white and showcase pretty papers inside the frames. Choose coordinating patterns in different scales (small prints and large prints) to create a balanced look. Let the paper be the star or top it with a wooden letter, a photo, or any object you love.

Add extra seating or a foot rest to any room with a pretty pouf. Sometimes pricey in stores, this DIY version can be made for about $50 with our step-by-step instructions and free pattern.

Dress up a plain pendant or lamp shade with wooden appliques. These intricate accents are available at home centers in the lumber department. Paint the appliques in your desired shade. Let dry and attach to your shade with a hot-glue gun. This embellishment works best with a square shade since the appliques will not bend to the curve of a round shade.

Give a lamp a one-two punch of shine with ribbon and spray paint. Coat the base in a metallicm finish spray paint and wrap shiny satin ribbon around the shade, securing in place with hot glue or pins.

Look at everyday items as potential masterpieces. Take photographs of a few interesting objects and adjust the exposure, saturation, and color with a photo editing program. Order large prints and frame them on black mats and in white frames. A black and white display like this looks sleek against a white wall but would also look chic hanging on a wall painted with a saturated hue.

Disguise an unattractive ottoman with a simple slipcover. Cut a piece of fabric the size of the top plus 1/2 inch on all sides. Cut four side panels half the size of each side plus 1/2-inch seam allowances. Cut four skirt pieces the same width as the side panels, adding 1 inch for seams (for the length, measure from the bottom of the side panel to the floor; double and add 1 inch). Cut four skirt-length, 9-inch-wide pieces of fabric to insert in each corner. Stitch covered piping to each edge of the top piece and along the lower edge of each side panel. Sew side panels together and to the piped edges of the top piece. Fold skirt pieces in half lengthwise with right sides facing, and add 1/2-inch side seams. Turn and press. Repeat for corner pieces. Sew skirt pieces to piped edge of side pieces. Pin corner pieces over the skirt panels with centers aligned. Stitch and press.

Easily update a bland fireplace wall with a zippy color. Paint the surround in a contrasting color. Use colorful accessories on the mantel and decals or stenciled patterns on the wall. If you use a bold pattern, edit the number of accessories you place on the mantel so you don't end up with an overly busy fireplace.

Rethink how you use curtain rods and plates to create a pretty wall display. Mount a curtain rod on a wall and hang plates with ribbons woven through the pierced designs on the edges.

Dress a dresser with a large poster to give a plain piece punch. Prep the dresser front with a coat of primer. Let dry. Measure the width and height of the chest, including the legs. Trim the artwork to size, making sure the design falls where you want it to. Cut out the pieces that will go on the legs (you'll apply them separately). Remove drawers and adhere the artwork to the dresser front using spray adhesive. Press the artwork to the dresser, starting at one edge and working your way across the piece. Let dry. Trim the paper along the drawer openings. Spray the drawers with adhesive and apply the artwork to the drawer fronts. Trim and place the leg pieces onto the dresser. Use a nail to poke the knob holes through the paper and add decorative knobs.

Accent plain roller shades with fabric. Have a retailer cut the shades to fit your windows. For each shade, remove the weight from the bottom pocket. Cut fusible web to fit the width of the shade and iron it onto the back of fabric. Cut out the fabric and iron into place on the shade. Spray-paint a cafe curtain rod and insert into the bottom pocket.

Add unique flair to a basic arrangement of photos with a tree motif. Achieve the silhouette with a wall decal, a stencil, or by freehand painting. Hang family pictures in the "branches" for a whimsical and fun look.


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