Easy Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating a small space has it’s own set of challenges. Today I have 7 ideas to help make the most of your space even if it’s not that large. Through the use of color, the right accessories, proper furniture placement and a few other decorating tricks, you can turn your small space into a fabulous space.

Paint an Accent Wall. Dark colors make a wall recede giving the illusion of more depth in a room. Paint one wall a contrasting color then carry that color into the room through accessories and fabrics.

Create a desk in a niche. Utilize small nooks or niches to add a shelf to use as a desk. Decorative corbels and trim help to give it a finished look.

Choose furniture you can see through. Clear chairs and a glass top table help to visually expand a small dining area and keep it from feeling cramped.

Choose furniture that is multi-functional. A daybed functions as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. This is an excellent solution if you live in a studio apartment or don’t have the space for a guest room.

Use smaller armless side chairs. Lightweight chairs without arms work better in smaller spaces because they are easier to maneuver in and out of and they can easily be moved from one room to another.

Keep your kitchen storage open. Heavy upper cabinets can sometimes make a small kitchen seem even smaller. By using open shelving, the eye is tricked into believing the space is larger.

Select furniture that doesn’t weigh the space down. This bed offers a great focal point in this room and the height brings the eye up. Like the clear furniture mentioned above, the sleek style doesn’t take up too much visual space. Keeping things light and airy helps to make the space feel larger.

By Peggy Pardo


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