2014 Comfort Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas

When we think of family rooms and living rooms, different images are conjured up for each of us. But what's true across the board is that we've come a long way from well worn furniture camouflaged in ill fitting slipcovers. Today a relaxing vibe doesn't need to leave style behind.

 Clean lines, a cool neutral palette and geometric shapes are the hallmarks of a modern look. Modern decor is the trickiest to warm up.

Relax it: Think like an architect. Look for places where you can introduce horizontal lines a low media unit, a low to the ground sectional, a floating shelf or, if a fireplace makeover is in the budget, an extended hearth like the one here.
 Layer in a textured rug for soft appeal and complement it with hits of color toward the hot end of the spectrum to add vibrant warmth. Although we are told that cool colors are relaxing, the colors of fire add a soothing warmth to keep a modern look from feeling too stark.

 Get inspired by this 2014 Comfort Modern Living Room Decorating Ideas . I hope that you will like and find it useful for you ... Enjoy it !!


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