Easy Way to Make Peekaboo Pumpkins : Halloween 2013 Ideas

Create a spooktacular vignette of peeking pumpkins using miniature gourds and a variety of inexpensive bowls and lidded dishes.

 By : Layla Palmer

Materials Needed: 

-3 to 5 miniature pumpkins
-a mixture of 3 to 5 small bowls and lidded dishes
-spray primer (if any of the dishes are not black or white)
-black and/or white spray paint
 -googly eyes
 -craft glue

Collect Dishes 

Pull together a grouping of small, inexpensive bowls or lidded dishes. Tip: Search flea markets and thrift stores for super cheap options with character.

Spray Primer 

The idea is to paint all the dishes black or white, so use spray primer to coat any of the dishes that aren't either of those colors.


Once the spray primer is completely dry, use black and/or white spray paint to coat all of the primed surfaces.

Attach Eyes 

Apply craft glue to the back of a pair of googly eyes (Image 1), then attach one set of googly eyes to each pumpkin (Image 2). Tip: Place the pumpkins in the dishes before you attach the eyes so you can make sure they're positioned correctly.


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