Cheap DIY Christmas Centerpieces 2014 Ideas

Forget the florist a little DIY elbow grease and $25 (or less) is all you need to make these show stopping Christmas centerpieces.

Take inexpensive baby's breath out of the background and into the spotlight with this hanging centerpiece. Use a round ball of floral foam, floral wire and monofilament to suspend this ethereal arrangement over the table.

Cut balsa wood or even cardboard into two equal sized triangles and put together to form a T. Boom: You have a tree for your centerpiece! Paint with craft paint in stripes, snowflakes or the design of you choice.

Turn leftover embroidery hoops into hanging wreaths studded with a few seasonal florals. Here, we attached dusty miller, roses and babys breath with floral wire.

Turn a leftover floral vase into a high end centerpiece vessel with drips of liquid gold leaf and white glass paint.

Inexpensive glass ornaments can become showstoppers when filled with ombre paint and hung above the table alongside sequins.


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