DIY Votive Candle Runway for Santa : Christmas 2013 Ideas

Light the way for Santa by lining entry steps with glowing votives. 

 By : Janell Beals

Materials Needed: 
- several glass cylinders or mason jars 
- rock salt 
- votives 
- length of garland 
- matches

Gather Supplies 
Select glass cylinders or jars and gather votives and rock salt.

Fill Containers 

Pour rock salt into each container, filling approximately 1/5 full.

Place Votives 

Arrange votive in each container, pushing votive down into salt to secure in place.

Light Candles 

Light candles, arrange along steps and enhance with a length of garland.

Wait for Santa to Arrive 

Enjoy your handiwork, set out some milk and cookies and get ready for the man in the red suit 
to make an appearance.


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