Kids' Candy Crafting Table for Christmas 2013

From creative crafting ideas to candy-colored decor, designer Casey Noble shares fun and festive ways to turn a living room coffee table into a kid-sized holiday hangout.

By Brian : Patrick Flynn

The center of this great room is designated as a holiday gathering spot for kids, complete with snacks and interactive crafting ideas. With kids occupied, parents can enjoy a more formal dining experience in the next room.

Turn a coffee table into a holiday snacking and crafting spot by grouping floor cushions in seasonal hues around the perimeter. Similar to high chairs at standard dining tables, a small stack of fluffy cushions or pillows can help boost toddlers up to the perfect height.

Give kids a designated surface to draw on with a roll of kraft paper spread across the surface of the table. In addition to being able to express themselves creatively, this also gives parents a chance to suggest seating by writing each child's name onto the paper with markers, chalk or crayons.

Similar to vintage milk bottles, Mason jars are a sophisticated alternative to plastic vessels or drinkware. To bring classic farmhouse style to a kids' table, consider using Mason jars for snacks such as crackers or pretzels.

While kids entertain themselves at the holiday soiree, it's important to always consider safety first, especially when it comes to candy. Before laying candy out, be certain to ask parents if their children have any allergies or dietary restrictions, then stick solely with small, soft styles rather than hard candy, which could pose a choking hazard.

One of the keys to making candy and snacks interactive as crafting supplies is to choose ring-shaped options with holes directly in the center. This will allow kids the option to use their food to make crafts by sliding twine, ribbon or string directly through the center to create garland, bracelets or necklaces.

Kids can also put the holiday table to use as a place to create handmade gifts for friends and family. To turn colorful candy into necklaces or bracelets, supply kids with string, twine and ribbon in assorted styles. Encourage them to get creative with color and shape, and then bestow their creations to friends or family.

Candy garland is a more practical alternative to candy necklaces or bracelets. The key to creating these effectively is ensuring kids use safety scissors to cut strands no less than 48 inches in length. Once placed around the tree, these strands can create a cohesive, seamless look without the hassle of having to start directly at the bottom, then winding up and around the tree with one extra-long single strand.

Help tiny guests gather their culinary crafts with unique party bags. Find letters and fonts online, and then print them directly onto paper bags by running them through a basic color printer. Prior to the end of the party, keep the bags displayed nearby as tree decor, encouraging kids to take them down and fill them up before they leave.


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