Perfect Bedroom Decorating Ideas for Winter 2014

From an icy blue and white color palette to touches of silver and rich, menswear-inspired fabrics, see how a lackluster bedroom gets a winter-inspired makeover full of the season's hottest trends.

By : Brian Patrick Flynn.

To put a ho-hum Los Angeles guest bedroom to good use for winter guests, this 12x14 room's design was inspired by winter itself. From the icy blue and white stripes of the hardwood floors to the white birch bark wall covering, the room is wrapped floor to ceiling with touches of winter. Get ideas to turn your guest room (or master suite!) into a warm and trend filled haven.

Trendy menswear fabrics, metallics and nature inspired details come together effortlessly in this space. A playful mix of finishes, patterns and textures starts with the bedding ensemble, then makes its way throughout the entire room.

Old knit sweaters and men's flannel shirts that have been retired from your wardrobe can be given new life again as throw pillows. This trio of repurposed apparel includes a cable-knit sweater as well as a pinstriped button-up and a woodsy plaid flannel.

Similar to layering jackets with sweaters during the cold winter months, textiles cozy up this winter inspired bedroom. Ensure guests stay warm by leaving them extra-warm covers at the foot of the bed, like this off-white cable-knit blanket and cashmere plaid throw.

Rustic accents are often used to add winter warmth to interiors, but rustic doesn't just mean stone fireplaces, thick wooden beams or aged pine. Here, an old, country style cabinet door is repurposed into a serving tray with basic door pulls as handles. Greet guests with winter treats and hot chocolate during their stay.

Organic wall coverings are an excellent way to bring natural textures and colors into a room. In this bedroom, white birch tree bark adds instant winter flair. To fully envelope the room in this texture, it was installed on the walls, doors and the ceiling.

A collection of framed artwork and photography is simply leaned against the wall above the entry’s console table. A small table lamp made of mercury glass helps reflect the light it emits once switched on at night.

Often used in glamorous interiors, mirrored nightstands are an excellent way to add storage space, usable surface area and reflection into a room. During the day, any available natural light is bounced around once it hits the nightstands. At night, artificial light is reflected, which results in a sexy, warm atmosphere. One downside: Fingerprints tend to quickly take over the top and front surfaces. To keep mirrored nightstands clean, consider keeping glass wipes inside the drawer.

Vintage accents are an excellent way to add one of a kind detail to any space. To use vintage in a winter-inspired manner, consider mirrored table lamps from the 1970s. While the metallic silver surface offers a wintry touch, it also adds a fun, disco-era vibe. Or create your own metallic lamp by adding a chrome shade to a basic base. In addition to adding a cool accent to the space, the reflective surfaces help bounce light around the room.

While lying in bed, the entire winter-inspired bedroom envelops its overnight guests with subtle textures and a tight palette of coordinating colors. An old dresser picked up at a flea market for $100 was given a wintry update with a glossy sprayed finish. When choosing the proper blue for the space, a washed-out blue-gray was ideal since it added a wintry look without overpowering the room.

For extra clothing storage, the updated dresser was assigned to a long wall just 2 feet away from the bed. Its 12 drawers offer ample space for sweaters, scarves and holiday garb. A wedding image printed on canvas as well as a collection of bright white accessories create an elegant focal point for the room's far wall.

Texture is a non-literal way to bring touches of winter into your space. The look and feel of a cable-knit sweater is evocative of a winter wardrobe. To use this texture in an unexpected manner, consider ceramic or plaster vessels featuring the cable-knit pattern. You can even make your own vessels by cutting old sweaters to size and adhering them directly to glass or ceramic vases with spray adhesive or starch.

Fabric isn't just for window treatments and upholstery. Give your hardback books a designer update by wrapping them with medium-thickness fabrics featuring a wintry palette and a mixture of different patterns. To keep the fabric stretched taut, secure it to the inside cover using double-sided tape.

Seasonal trees aren't restricted to holiday use. Give your bedroom a graphic winter vibe with a metal candle tree that will light up the space on long, cold nights. It's best to keep candle trees at least one foot away from walls, window treatments and upholstery.


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