2014 Clever Solutions for Small Bathrooms Ideas

Even a small bathroom can make a large impact . Start with clever storage - stash your toiletries inside a wall - hung bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door. Invest in a new vanity counter with a solid - surface top as this hardy material is impervious to stains and knocks . A cabinet beneath the washbasin will hold all your cleaning gear and ensure that the tight space stays neat and uncluttered . Ramp up your bathroom's style quotient with unique wall tiles and strong color scheme. There are amazing new tile collections and even reflective neon - type effects on the market . But if bold treatments are not for you , check out the new mosaics . Muted patterns with textured finishes exude a subtle sense of elegance . In this narrow bathroom by space . Matter (below) , the rounded profile of the tiny mosaic tile gives the checkered pattern on the walls the feel of an intricate basket weave . Even though the color scheme is a simple white-on white the ambience is luxurious and chic .

 Now with this model for small bathrooms,I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!

No matter their size or style, windows enlarge the feel of a room if they're allowed to transmit light. If possible, leave windows unadorned with clear or frosted glass. Mini blinds, matchstick blinds, or shades that can be drawn to the top of the window are other sleek solutions. Or cover the lower half of the glass with sheer fabric that will admit light but maintain privacy.

Minimize clutter on bath walls by attaching a towel rod to the side of a freestanding vanity. For an extra dash of panache, change out a standard mirror for one with a decorative frame that complements the style of your vanity. A column of drawers between the open shelves boosts storage while keeping the look of the vanity light and open.

Plenty of natural light, wall-to-wall glass shower doors, and white woodwork create an expansive look in this narrow master bath. To live up to its focal point status, the shower is wrapped in luxurious marble mosaic tile. A simple white vanity balances the splurge.

Vanities with cabinet doors are great for hiding personal items, cleaning supplies, and plumbing fixtures, but opening and closing the doors in a long, narrow bath is tricky. Adding a sink skirt to this bath helps disguise the toilet and the sink's plumbing while highlighting the existing decorative red tile border. A Roman shade in the same fabric completes the look.

Trade a standard door for a sliding pocket door to gain additional floor space once reserved for the door swing. Bifold doors (doors that fold up like a screen) can also save space.

Make a ceiling look taller with some visual tricks. A vertical stripe on the walls can give the illusion of a higher ceiling. Wood moldings, wallpaper borders, and tile designs placed where the walls and ceiling meet will also provide a splash of color and help naturally draw the eye upward. Otherwise, choose a wallpaper with a small, airy print or lattice design. Avoid large or busy patterns that will diminish the scale of the space.

Pale and cool colors reflect light, so soft whites, pastels, and neutrals can make a bath feel bigger. Woodwork, trim, and doors will "disappear" if they are painted the same hue as the walls. The effect is enhanced if cabinets and counters are the same color as the walls. To keep a neutral scheme from appearing bland, introduce bold colors through accessories, linens, and artwork.

Mirrors stretch space by reproducing it. Mirroring the long wall of a narrow bath, for example, can change the room's proportions and make it seem wider. Be sure to place mirrors so they reflect the bath's assets whether that's a wall hanging, a panoramic view, or the widest room angle. Two mirrors positioned opposite each other create the illusion of a never ending room.

Glass shelves increase a room's sense of space because they can appear invisible. Items placed on them seem to hover in air a much lighter effect than heavy cabinetry.

Extend the sight lines of a small bath by using a light color throughout the space. In this room, white finishes on the floor, walls, sink, toilet, and shower make the small space seem bigger. Natural light from the window also brightens the space. A few black tiles on the floor and wall add visual interest without becoming overpowering.


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