2014 Clever Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Even a small bathroom can make a large impact . Start with clever storage - stash your toiletries inside a wall - hung bathroom cabinet with a mirrored door. Invest in a new vanity counter with a solid - surface top as this hardy material is impervious to stains and knocks .
A cabinet beneath the washbasin will hold all your cleaning gear and ensure that the tight space stays neat and uncluttered .
Ramp up your bathroom's style quotient with unique wall tiles and strong color scheme. There are amazing new tile collections and even reflective neon - type effects on the market . But if bold treatments are not for you , check out the new mosaics . Muted patterns with textured finishes exude a subtle sense of elegance .
In this narrow bathroom by space . Matter (below) , the rounded profile of the tiny mosaic tile gives the checkered pattern on the walls the feel of an intricate basket weave .
Even though the color scheme is a simple white-on white the ambience is luxurious and chic .

Now with this model for small bathrooms,I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!


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