2014 Colorful Kitchens Decorating Ideas

In the kitchen, color can be the same catalyst it is in other rooms. It adds personality, style and feelings of comfort and warmth that may not make cooking easier, but might make it more fun.
In recent years, color hasn't been much of a story in kitchens. White has been the dominant choice in cabinets, interpreted in traditional styling or modern frameless fronts unadorned even with hardware. White is clean-looking. It's "safe." But for many people, white and almond, which preceded it in popularity seems bland.
These days there's no such thing as "kitchen colors." The range of colors runs from subtle to vibrant primaries, and any of the hues can be toned down or punched up.
A kitchen should be an inviting gathering space, so warmer or brighter tones are ideal, such as deep ivories, rich coppers, luscious reds, golden yellows and yellow-greens.

Explore options for adding a splash of color to the kitchen with these inspiring photos. I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!


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