2014 Decorating Trends Ideas : Easy Home Update

Ready to give your home an easy update? Start with one of these decorating trends 2014 ideas.

I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!

Put away the notion that all grays are cold and will give off a chill. Warm grays, those with yellow or reddish undertones, are the neutral of the moment and are as versatile as they are trendy. If you have beige or tan walls, switching to warm gray walls is easy, yet impactful. The shades are distant cousins and finding a hue that works with your existing furnishings is a cinch.

For so long, silver and its cohorts have been the first place metal in home decor. But more recently, yellow metals are inching back into the spotlight. Embrace the trend with gold accents that have a little softer finish, rather than metals with a full on shine. And for a less glitzy take, try antique brass finishes, which tend to be more matte.

Think bright, not Easter egg-esque when it comes to pastels. These fun hues lend a feminine aura to flea market finds and rustic and industrial finishes. Or, paired with traditional furniture and styling, can recall a romantic look.

This global pattern has been on the decorating scene for a few years now, but it is still going strong. The pattern is widely available and appears on fabrics, rugs, and many other household products.

Decorating with nature never seems to go away, but different forms take the spotlight. This year's primadonna: agates and geodes. Whether used as simply display pieces, fashioned into accessories such as lamps, or splayed across art and fabrics as motifs, these geological wonders integrate nicely into almost any room.

Also from the natural world, taxidermy is making its way out of the hunting lodge and into the mainstream. Whether it's antlers and horns or stuffed heads and papier mache models, taxidermy inspired pieces offer a quirky alternative to standard wall decor.

Nodding to nautical influences, wide stripes are a pattern of substance and can serve as a counterbalance to more delicate prints in rooms dressed in cottage or casual traditional style. Try the pattern on upholstery, pillows, curtains, walls, rugs, and more!

This shaggy wool material dates back several centuries and is enjoying a renaissance in home decor at the moment. With its wooly texture and soft hand, the material works as a pillow amongst a mix of patterns and textures or as a rug to add softness underfoot.

These flat weave rugs hail from India and are a stylish alternative to thick pile rugs. Layer one on top of a larger rug or introduce one to a space where you currently don't have a rug, such as a dining room or entryway. Dhurries can be found in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes, often at an affordable price.

Whether your look is cottage, vintage, modern, or somewhere in between, raw wood can have a place in your decor. Shop architectural salvage stores for pieces to add as accents or to use as shelves or mantels. And you'll find a lot of accessories and accent furniture pieces on the market that are made to look like raw wood, providing another way to capture this hot look.

Forget everything you know about wallpaper. Yes, it can be cringe worthy, but the market continues to be flooded with more good than bad. With so many colorways, patterns, and styles available, you'll be sure to find something you love now and will love later. Rather than wallpapering a whole room, try it on just an accent wall or in a small space, such as an entryway or powder room.

Speaking to both the nautical and industrial design crazes, rope can introduce an earthy texture to a polished room, or it can meld perfectly into a cottage or beach-style space. Look for rope-wrapped accessories, such as this tray, to add to your decor. Or pick up some yardage at your local home center and get creative. For starters, use rope to hang picture frames or display it in a sculpturelike fashion inside a clear cylindrical vase.

School is in session in the decorating world. Repurposed schoolhouse furniture, beakers used as vases, and vintage flashcards as art will add a bit of flea market whimsy to your home. In this kitchen, an old table mined from a science classroom now serves as a fun island.

It's all over Pinterest, and has long been one of our favorite DIY projects: Painted furniture is now taking a new twist. Those old, awful pieces you see sitting forlorn in the corners of secondhand shops are no longer being ignored. Innovative homeowners are seeing past the tacky finishes and dated hardware and, with just white paint, retro (the bad kind of retro) pieces like this sideboard are revived for the 21st century.

These once awful pieces can look gorgeous with more color. Picture this massive buffet with an overbearing honey colored, tiger stripe stain. Not so current, right? Soft latte colored paint brought the piece into a more current state and an extra kick of blue around the frame gives the piece a one of a kind look.

It's nothing new, but nailhead trim is something we are loving right now. The detail lends sophistication to casual furniture pieces and it transcends time. Translation? Invest in that nailhead trim sofa or chair. If the upholstery and silhouette are timeless, the nailhead trim won't date the piece anytime soon.

Good lighting is essential to any room, but now it can be more stylish, thanks to gorgeously executed fixtures available everywhere, such as at home centers and lighting show rooms. We are especially in love with circular pendants with industrial details, like the brass one over the island in this kitchen.

Ripe with global appeal, block prints offer an exotic edge to any room. Textiles and linens that are block printed by hand can get pricey, but the trend is popping up in more mass made goods, making it more affordable to bring the look home.


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