2014 Perfect Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas : Easy to Do

Say goodbye to kitchen confusion. Gather tools for cooking, cleaning , and more, in one streamlined spot. Put the closet door to good use by mounting shallow wire shelves .
Clip takeout menus on the closet sidewall. Dangle hand tools from a series of metal hooks. Store soda cans in wire racks. A plastic wall holder centralizes battery storage .
Slip a wire basket under a shelf to squeeze in extra space for a stack of cleaning towels . Stuff extra plastic bags into a handy dispenser.
A wall mount file sorter can house ribbons and bags for quick gift wrapping. Position a rechargeable hand vacuum near the door for quick cleanups. Add wheels to the bottom of a wood crate to create a rolling cleaning cart. Place frequently used cleaning supplies in a grab and go tote. With a little planning, all your kitchen essentials can co-exist in one small pantry. A kitchen pantry should work for you rather than as a dumping ground for your stock.

Here are the storage essentials you need to keep your kitchen pantry organized. These tools and organizers will bring order to your cooking gear, food, cookbooks, and more. You'll love these ideas to try in 2014!
I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ... Enjoy it !!!!


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