2014 Sexy Bedrooms Decorating Ideas for Valentine's Day.

Find some inspiration here and create your own romantic bedroom, whether you dream of a lavish suite or prefer beautiful on a budget. You'll love these ideas to try in Valentine's Day.! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you

Come-Hither Drapes : The draped entryway for this bedroom refreshes while adding an element of mystery.

High Hopes : Tucked away in a loft, this bedroom is as fun as a treehouse, but with the style of a penthouse suite.

Sexy Script : Handcrafted artwork above the headboard and the plush sleigh bed create an enticing look.

Rustic Meets Romantic : With salvaged barn doors and fabric borrowed from menswear, this Master Bedroom  mixes rough and tumble with luxurious.

Rich Animal Print Suite : Tap into your animal instincts in this richly textured master suite.

Preppy Pad : This abode leans towards feminine, but keeps it sexy with a lushly padded headboard, lovely linens, and moody lighting.

Eclectic Meets Luxe : The contrast of vaulted pine ceilings and richly textured wallpaper perfectly compliments a bed piled high with pillows and comforters.

Spa Contemporary Bedroom : David Bromstad created this crisp contemporary bedroom with a relaxing spa as his inspiration.

Art Gallery Inspiration : This Novogratz designed room uses graphic window treatments, statement-making art, and a bold rug to leave a lasting impression.

Masculine Hotel Chic : Everything from the nailhead trimmed headboard to the pure white bed linens begs for you to curl up in bed and order room service.

Caribbean Contrast Bedroom : Dark, tropical wood tones and airy white sheers evoke your own private island retreat.

Cozy Fireplace Master Bedroom : No matter how frightful the weather, an en suite fireplace sets the scene for romance.

Cabana Style Bedroom : Shuttered doors and a private patio turns this bedroom into your own private island.

Lush Texture Master : Rich silk, fuzzy faux fur, and patterned velvet more is more in this decadently sexy room.

Moody Bedroom with a View : Contemporary touches and dramatic dark walls create a space perfect for snuggling up and watching the sun set over the swaying palm trees.

Cool Comfort Master Bedroom : From Sara Richardson, these icy tones of cream and grey provide a perfect setting for steamy nights.

Feminine Wallpaper : The floral pattern on the bed wall disguises the awkward placement of the windows, giving the space an attractive look.

Go Big : The oversized patterns mixed with trendy colors make this space a much desired space for rest and relaxation.

Repurposed Beauty : You wouldn't know this was an old table at first glance, but Designer Brian Patrick Flynn cut it in half and updated with the a hot pink hue.

Cozy Sitting Area : Everything about this bedroom sitting area is eye-appealing, from the white enamel paint on the mantel to the elegant Venetian mirror. The chaise by the fire is a great place for cuddling.


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