2014 Smart Bathrooms Storage Ideas

Maximize storage capacity in your bathroom using clever ideas from this stylish, resourceful space.

Explore the Bathroom 
Here’s where storage was added to this bathroom. Some improvements were inexpensive and simple, while others work best when designed into a bath remodeling project.

Shower Niche 
Keep soaps, sponges, hair-care products, and other shower essentials off the floor and at the ready with a built-in shower niche.

Towel Hooks 
When placing hooks, bars, and rings for towels, think about user convenience. Aim for two hooks , next to the shower, plus at least one ring and one bar for each vanity.

Bath Bench 
Revive a bench with paint and new upholstery to play off your bath’s color palette. Then place it near the tub or shower as a perch and storage spot. The open space below the bench is great for a bin  full of extra bath supplies.

Tub Caddy 
This sturdy, easy-to-make bath caddy spans the tub and is a handy and safe spot to keep a book, bath supplies, or any pampering pretties while you soak. Paint the caddy to coordinate with the walls or to add a pop of color.

Linen Closet 
Maximize existing closet space by making L-shape shelves for linens, grooming products, and cleaning supplies. Bars on the inside of the door hold towels. Containers with character a wire basket, an antique bottle carrier, bowls, and canisters add style. Painted corbels serve as shelf dividers.

Jewelry Rod 
Keep jewelry tangle-free, easy to see, and always accessible by using curtain or shower rings on a towel rod.

Makeup Drawer 
This easy-to-make organizer fits into a vanity drawer. It provides lots of storage options for smaller items, such as makeup and grooming gear.

Double Drawer
A removable upper tray comes with this vanity drawer , adding an optional second level of storage when needed. The tray fits on top of the drawer’s built-in rails. Below the tray, unused metal paint cans hold hot items, like a hairdryer and flat iron.


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