Best Ways to Use Blue in Bedroom : Color of 2014

Ever heard anyone say they don't like blue? Not likely, since blue is a worldwide favorite, valued for its tranquil vibes, adaptable nature, and reassuring blue-jean, water, and sky connections. Blue shades, ranging from the palest powder to deep sea navy, complement most colors and sometimes perform as neutrals.

When pulling together a blue bedroom design you may have a difficult time sorting through the myriad hues that enhance blue schemes. Envision the following palettes to inspire your inner decorator. Pair chambray blue with juicy orange for a fresh take on a traditional boudoir. Combine sapphire blue, kelly green, persimmon, and silvery blue for an opulent jewel-tone retreat. Mix turquoise, reddish purple, and pale gray to create a contemporary cocoon. Not a true-blue fan? Introduce blue accents via fabrics, furniture finishes, and accessories, and you'll readily see how splashes of blue bring a sense of buoyancy to any room.

Though blues are easy to work with, their spectrum is broad and their applications diverse. Here are a few strategies worth considering when devising a blue-base scheme or using blues to establish a theme or decorating style.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!


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