Budget Decorating Update 2014 Ideas

Refresh your home decor for less with these budget decorating ideas from designers, bloggers, and our editors.

You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! 
I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you ...... Enjoy it !!

Look for the potential of secondhand artwork. A fabulous frame can be liberated from the ugly picture it houses, and an ugly frame can be painted.

Mirrors work wonders in any room. Have one cut to fit a tabletop or an extra large picture frame (which usually costs less than buying a big mirror).

I always say pillows make the room! Buy 1 yard of a great fabric, and take it to a dry cleaner who offers alterations. He can sew a simple pillow for you cheap.

Decorating with nature is free and fun. Cut an interesting branch from your yard and put it in a vase, or gather stones and display them in a tray.

Spending a little more for a sofa or chair is actually budget smart if it meets these criteria: a timeless neutral color, clean lines, and the right scale for the room.

It's easier to go bold with color on a piece of furniture than on walls. Pick a color you love, and paint that dresser.

Make your own one of a kind lamps. A simple kit costs about $10. Almost anything you can drill a hole through can be a lamp base. I've used ceramic vases, banister rungs, carved wood, and wire baskets.

For a custom look and an unexpected jolt of color, spray-paint the undersides of glass shelves a bright hue.

The best place to look for quality furniture on a budget is consignment or thrift stores. If the bones are good, you can always update with paint or fabric.

Cover walls with secondhand mirrors, baskets, large clocks, and other items that add dimension.

Break up your bedroom set. Bring a bedside table into the living room; use a dresser as a dining room buffet.

I love to pick up inexpensive drawings from street artists while I'm on vacation. It's nice to have artwork that means something to you personally.


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