Inventive Solutions For Overcome Clutter With Drawers

For many years drawers knew their place in the home. They were filled with a jumble of junk in the kitchen, stocked with sweaters and shirts in the bedroom, and crammed with pens and rubber bands in the office. But designers have begun to recognize the flexibility of this design staple. There’s nothing like an easy-to-access drawer to organize or hide the essentials of daily life. 

Consider these options to conquer the clutter in your home.

Make edibles a design detail: Display your pasta or legumes in glass-fronted drawers. Brightly colored varieties (think red beans and spinach pasta) look best.

Design To Perfection Kitchen Concepts INCSave to IdeabookEmail Photo Instead of wrestling the ironing board out of the closet whenever you need to touch up a shirt, get one of these nifty folding versions that fit into  guess what? a drawer.

Forget drying delicates over a shower rod or the back of a chair. These skinny drawers are fitted with water-resistant racks that allow air to circulate, so your clothes will be ready to wear before you know it.

Store clothes, sheets and blankets in drawers tucked under a platform bed. These beds work especially well in small rooms where there’s no space for a dresser.

Instead of there being a traditional ladder to access the top bunks in this kids’ room, a cleverly designed stack of drawers acts as a staircase.

Need extra space for guests? Add a bed in a drawer that disappears under a window seat when it’s not needed.

The pipes under a kitchen sink have always made it difficult to organize cleaning supplies. This drawer, with its U-shaped wire basket, is designed to fit around the piping, so you can easily access spray bottles, sponges and scrub brushes.

This airy kitchen nook not only provides comfy benches for seating, but the drawers underneath can hide kitchen equipment.

Even doggies appreciate their own dining area. Keep their bowls off the floor and out of the way with a pet-friendly drawer that slides out at mealtime.


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