2014 Smart Small Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

Savvy ideas will help you make the most of a bedroom's square footage.You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

Make Your Bed 
Space Saver: Stick to one bold piece of furniture to fill the room with character. Fashion your own graphic headboard with playful and chic stencils. To duplicate this look, cut a curvy headboard from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and paint a base coat. When it's dry, use a stencil roller to apply a trendy damask design in a cool contrasting color. Continue the theme by stenciling your design on accent pillows, too.

Table It  
Narrow furnishings add a surprising amount of storage and display space in a limited footprint. This bedside console table offers plenty of surface area for showing off collectibles and other possessions. A lamp sheds light on the bed for reading after overhead lights are turned off.

Front and Center 
Space Saver: Use windows as the focal point, centering furniture in front of them. Conventional decorating wisdom says to position a bed against a wall, not in front of a window where it might block light and views. But in a small room, options are limited, and it's often better to create a strong focal point with a bed than to awkwardly push it to one side. A bank of bay windows creates a natural nook for this bed, and the pretty window treatments give the illusion of a canopy.

Go Wide 
Visually expand a small room by wrapping the walls with wide, horizontal stripes. In this bedroom, horizontally aligned boards achieve this effect without overpowering the room. The rough texture of the planks, installed with the unfinished side facing out, lends a light and airy washed finish to the soft wall color. You can achieve the same effect by painting horizontal stripes on plain walls. Use light colors to maintain a bright, open scheme and similar tones so the stripes are noticeable but don't visually break up the space.

Paint an Accent Wall 
Space Saver: Create the illusion of depth. Paint a single wall a dark color to create the illusion of depth. Crisp white walls and trim add a striking contrast to this bedroom's chocolate wall. The headboard's geometric pattern ties the two wall colors together, and the yellow accents add a pop of color.

Make Small Rooms Feel Taller 
Increase the apparent height of the room with vertical lines that lead the eye from floor to ceiling. Add crown molding around the perimeter of a room, or add architectural molding on the ceiling and an intricate medallion around a light fixture to enhance the details overhead.


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