Tips for Choosing Perfect Bedroom Color Schemes

Whether you crave a palette of bright colors or prefer a soothing scheme of neutrals for your bedroom, find inspiration from these bedrooms that showcase colors perfectly.

Peppy Color Scheme : Coral Orange + Aqua Blue + Latte White 
Neutral walls and furniture in shades of similar warm white create a cloudlike backdrop for vibrant coral-orange and aqua blue. Abstract floral print shams on the bed provide the inspiration for the color scheme and the rest of the room's elements follow suit. To start your bedroom color scheme, find a pillow or bedspread with colors you love and build from there. Often, bedding comes in coordinated sets, but don't be afraid to break them up. Mix and match, or leave parts of the set out. For example, nix the bed skirt that matches the pillows and opt for a version in a solid color that blends with the rest of the bedding.

Fashion-Forward Color Scheme : Slate + Lemon + Cloud 
The oh so fashionable color palette of gray and yellow makes a bold statement in this petite bedroom. A rich slate on the walls leans heavily towards the blue end of the gray spectrum and is the star of the scheme. Cloud-color bedding continues the gray parade, and yellow on the pillows, ottomans, and accessories brings a partly sunny vibe to the chic grays.

Snowy White Color Scheme : Pearl White + Cream + Black
Evoking the look of freshly fallen snow, this cottage style bedroom combines pearly whites with softer yellow-based whites for a look that is undeniably soothing and graceful. A mirrored nightstand and oval mirror above the bed break up the blanket of white, as do hints of black.

Modern Color Scheme : Bright Sky Blue + Cool White + Warm Oak
Blue is a quintessential classic, but its enduring legacy works in modern settings as well. To achieve the look, sky blue is used with crisp white as well as clean-lined furniture and accessories in this bedroom. The wall color, a shade lighter than the bedding and drapes, maintains the modern monochromatic color scheme, but pulls back the walls slightly to allow the other elements, such as the architectural bed in warm oak, to shine.

Classic Global Color Scheme : Poppy Red + Mink Gray
Gray gets pulled into the excitement of red, creating a traditional bedroom alive with global-inspired motifs. Red bedding and pillows turn a simple sleigh bed into a focal point and mink gray walls temper the rich red and crisp white palette. Block and ikat prints bring global flair to the space. The curtains dial back on red and rely on a palette of brown, black, and orange, a move that acknowledges the red's presence, but seeks to not overuse the crimson hue in the space.

Serene Green Color Scheme : Seafoam Green + Tidal Blue + Surf White
A beach inspired color scheme strays from being too "theme-y" when there is nary a beach motif in sight. In this bedroom, seafoam green and watery blues evoke a seaside look, while traditional elements, such as the upholstered window cornice, an antique chair, and graceful headboard maintain a level of sophistication.

Elegant Neutral Color Scheme : Antique Whites + Crisp White
Forget the notion that your whites have to match. A mixed bag of neutrals can create a visually interesting space with a few simple tricks. Keep your palette of whites within the same family, so that they all share similar undertones. In this bedroom, warm whites in varying intensities color the walls, trim, and bedding. Texture and repetition also bring the palette to life. Using each color more than once makes the mixing look more intentional. Here, light mocha appears on the trim, stool cushions, and shams, while linen white colors the artwork and drapes.

Fresh Cottage Color Scheme : Linen White + Sunny Yellow + Dove Gray
White is a go to choice for bedrooms because of its soothing, simple properties. Plus, it can be interpreted as modern, traditional, cottage, or vintage. In this cheery space, the neutral goes cottage, with splashes of yellow on the bedding and plenty of style-specific accents, such as the wrought iron bed and eclectic gathering of accessories. Hints of gray keep the color palette fashion-forward.

Dramatic Color Scheme : Navy Blue + Snow White + Lipstick Pink
Dark colors equate with drama in a bedroom setting. For a more steady approach to drama, use a dark color in one large dose and let the rest of the room's elements remain bright. In this sophisticated bedroom, rich navy blue colors the walls and is a backdrop for the burlap white headboard, bench, and nightstand. Snow white bedding with lipstick pink trim and white drapes are also eye catching against the deep blue.

Pink Panache Color Scheme : Blush Pink + Candlelight Yellow + Charcoal Black
Pale pink grass cloth sets this room aglow and softens the angles of the vaulted ceiling. Mixing white bedding with pink sheets and shams ensures the color remains sensuous, not saccharine. Candlelight yellow tones in the artwork and a large area rug offer contrasting color, but also contribute to the glow of the room. Black brings structure to the bedroom via a curvaceous bed frame, table lamps, and the frame on the painting.

Oceanside Color Scheme : Watercolor Blue + Sandy White
Simple, but hardly simplistic, a color palette of two is a welcoming break from a color-saturated world. In this light-filled room, the judicious use of white reflects the incoming natural light, making the blue walls appear almost iridescent. A more saturated palette on the painting above the bed serves as a contrast point and a reminder of just how light and delicate the rest of the room is.

Black & White Color Scheme : Ebony + Powder White + Pale Citron
Black and white are anything but basic when played out in a symphony of pretty patterns and textures. White drapes soften expansive walls and high ceilings. The fabric is thin, which makes the drapes floaty, rather than bulky. In a room that gets a lot of natural light or has high ceilings, an element with a bold visual presence will anchor the room. Here, a black upholstered bed grounds the space and a white geometric pattern unites the piece to the rest of the room. When incorporating color with black and white, go with a barely there color to keep the room's emphasis on graphic elements. The muted citron walls in this room are subtle, but still add interest.

Natural Color Scheme : Sage Green + Bark Brown + Swan White
Colors and motifs from nature introduce charm to this quaint bedroom. The flowering branch fabric used on the window shade and bed skirt inspire the room's palette. A coordinating stripe fabric on the sham continues the green and brown color play and an ikat pillow offers an unexpected twist in motif. The pure white duvet, trim, and lampshade offer a clean counterpoint to the bedroom's muted colors. To avoid color overload, match paint swatches to a pattern, but then use the color at the top of the swatch for your walls. Here, the wall color has similar undertones to the browns in the room's fabrics, but is several shades lighter.

Perfectly Aged Color Scheme : Country French Blue + Antique Whites
Capture the charm and grace of a bygone era with a palette of blue and tan in shades that appear antiqued. Keep the blues reigned in and employ a limited range of shades to maintain a sense of elegance. Here, the wall color matches the blue in the bedding and table skirt perfectly. Take a little more liberty with the whites. Using pure shades alongside shades in varying degrees of antiquing gives the room a collected old-time look. Bright white linens and freshly painted white trim indicate that the room has been maintained and freshened, while the patina on the chair and aged white plates nod to the past.

Cozy Cool Color Scheme : Granite Gray + Down White + Grass Green
Envelope an expansive room in a blanket of coziness with a rich, yet warm wall color. Here, a saturated gray with warm yellow undertones is the color of choice. An abundance of white contributes a modern vibe, while hints of zingy green on the headboard and chevron throw pillow inject life into the demure color scheme.

Monochromatic Color Scheme : Taupe + Cream + Squash
Monochromatic color schemes are poised for success when the hues stop just short of the extremes. In this bedroom, a range of taupes colors everything including the bedding, furniture, and wall color, but the palette excludes the deepest, darkest of taupes. Sticking to the light and medium range taupes focuses the color scheme for a more polished look. Squash yellow makes a cameo on throw pillows and the tan trim unites the blocks of yellow to the rest of the room's palette.

Contemporary Grace Color Scheme : Dove Gray + Tulip Pink 
Hints of pink bring a graceful air to a contemporary space. Gray and white patterns from the striped rug to the damask drapes and plaid wallpaper are subtle, yet add visual texture, while bright tulip pink punctuates the space. When introducing a bright accent color, use it at least three times in the room so it flows seamlessly.

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