Easy Tips for Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Use these tips and ideas to create a small kitchen with big style. You'll love these ideas to try in 2014! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!

By : Kelly Eagle

Showstopping Backsplash : This otherwise-subdued kitchen goes glam with stainless steel tile behind the range. In a small space, even a tiny portion of showstopping backsplash tile adds drama and personality.

Display Collections : Make use of the space between cabinets in front of a window by adding simple shelves and displaying a collection. Plus, the light coming in the window will make any collection look beautiful.

Add Accessories : Like any good outfit, a kitchen needs accessories. The wall at the end of this galley kitchen mixes hanging art with leaning frames and pretty dishware. Below, a bright red stool adds a fun pop of color.

Showcase Color : In a one wall kitchen, open upper cabinets help the room feel spacious and allow space for displaying colorful dishware, potted herbs, and accessories. Closed cabinets below are perfect for storing items you don't want on display.

Cover Walls with Color : Give walls in a basic kitchen a cheery coat of a color. In this clean-lined white kitchen, kiwi-green walls add modern flair and inspire the rest of the decor.

Choose Bold Textiles : A bold Roman shade sets the tone for this all white kitchen. Playing off the window covering, red, orange, and yellow accessories spice up the rest of the room.

Paint an Accent Wall : Add pizzazz without pressure by painting one wall in your kitchen in a bold accent color. The terra-cotta-orange accent wall spices up the otherwise subdued kitchen.

Maximize Every Inch : There isn't an inch of unused space in this kitchen. At the end of a run of cabinets, a recessed bookcase was added and is a drop point for mail, magazines, and miscellaneous papers; below is a small house for the cat.

Choose Art with Personality : Step outside the standards of kitchen art and choose unique pieces that showcase your personality. Vintage signs, classic advertisements, and art intended for other rooms of the house often look right at home in the kitchen.

Go Beyond Removing Doors : Instead of just removing cabinet doors and displaying dishes, outfit the now-open storage with textured baskets, bins, and pretty glass storage containers. The baskets add texture and color, while the glass storage containers keep what you need neatly on display.

Make the Most of Wall Space : The combination of metal shelving and a magnetic board corrals spices, tea, mugs, pictures, and recipes all in one easy-to-reach place.

Interesting Texture : In a classic kitchen with cherry cabinets, the marble countertops, gray linen roman shade, and raw-wood shelves all add interesting textures to the room. This small amount of juxtaposition with the traditional cabinets creates great contrast.

Play Up Pattern in Tile : In an otherwise standard white kitchen, the patterned backsplash tile adds personality and much-needed movement in the room. A classic black-and-white color scheme can be easily accented by different colors as styles change.

Choose Colorful Stools : The simple lines of these stools get an extra dose of style with turquoise paint. Now the stools are a focal point in the kitchen and are the perfect starting point for the rest of the decor.

Wall Decals : Whip up some whimsy in your kitchen by adding fun wall decals and colorful artwork. Decals can be swapped out at any time to make changing the look of your kitchen quick and easy.


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