All You Need to Know When Using Color In Your Home

These are the three things you have got to know about color . First step, take your temperature. Colors are either warm or cool, depending on their undertones. So first step, figure out where you land. Do gravity towards warm and cozy or cool and modern ?
If you love color , you have to let it breath. The best way to embrace color in your space is to embrace negative space as well. The room doesn't have to be filled with all kinds of saturated color .
The eye needs a place to rest. There has to be a balance and a push and pull. Make all your important color decisions in your space.
That's where you're living with the color . It's going to look completely different at home than it looks in the showroom. So get it home, live with it a little bit and see if it feels right.

You'll love these ideas to try ! I hope you find these ideas useful and inspiring to you .... Enjoy it !!!!

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